Dusa Radosavljevic

Midwife & Yoga teacher

Dusa is an experienced midwife and yoga teacher, trained in the Satyananda System of Yoga. She has thirty years of teaching experience and is currently involved in scientific research on the effects of yoga on fertility.

She is also a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, that supports holistic and patient orientated approach, in assisting conception treatments. She is a Member of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization and Member of the European Fertility Society.

Her sessions include Asana Body postures, Panayama breathing techniques, deep relaxation techniques, lifestyle coaching, coping skills and couples yoga. Sessions can take place virtually through zoom sessions or on your own space, during your stay in Athens, around the time of your fertility treatment.

Newest research has shown improvement in the success rates, when used as an adjuvant to IVF cycles.

Dusa Radosavljevic

Always there to care.

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