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Scientific Director Pelargos IVF

Obs & Gyn Consultant

Fertility Specialist

Mr Karpouzis was born in Athens, in 1978. He is an Obstetrics and Gynecoly Consultant, specialised in Reproductive medicine /infertility and minimal invasive surgery and has more than 9 years of full time experience in the fields, at Consultant Level.

He was fully trained and supbspecialised in the U.K. He has worked at some of the busiest hospitals in London (Guy’s & St. Thomas NHS Trust, King’s College Hospital, Newham University Hospital, University College Hospital, Homerton University Hospital), as an SHO, Registrar, senior Registrar and Consultant.

He became a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in 2011 (MRCOG).

Legal Team

Our dedicated legal team, has long experience in surrogacy treatments.They can take over the surrogacy court hearing , which needs to be done before the embryo transfer. You can book a Skype consultation or preferably a face-to-face consultation with them, to discuss in detail everything you want to know about the legal part of the procedure and legislation in Greece. You will meet them to sign off all the relevant documents before the surrogate’s embryo transfer.

London/Uk Team

London - Big ben and houses of parliament, UK

In order to facilitate couples/women, who are based in London:

We cooperate with a private blood clinic in North London , where patients ,can be referred for their initial STD , AMH and hormonal blood checks, sperm analysis or any other blood tests needed .Special prices are given for patients referred by us.

A group of cooperating fertility specialists ,obs & gyn consultants and sonographers, spread in different areas of London, are recommended and can offer ultrasound monitoring for women who undergo egg donation cycles. Oestrogen /LH and endometrium measurement is done in London and direct communication with us, allows proper coordination with the donor and timing of the embryo transfer. This way you have your endometrium preparation in London, where you live and you travel to Athens, only when the endometrium is ready for the embryo transfer.

A both private and NHS GP , based in central London ,cooperates with us, in order to have someone in London to prescribe medication to you after your embryo transfer and refer you for blood tests.

Cooperating pharmacists , can take over sending medication needed, to your home.

We also recommend immigration/surrogacy solicitor, based in North London for surrogacy cases.

Brussels/Belgium Team


Ms Georgia Tsina, is a well known Obs & Gyn Consultant, who maintains a private clinic in Brussels. She is our recommended clinic for all women who have decided to go ahead with IVF treatment in Greece through pelargos IVF , but live in Brussels.

Georgia’s private clinic is our first step clinic for patients based in Brussels and Georgia is our recommended obstetrician for delivering babies in Belgium coming from IVF treatments in Greece.

Rest Of The World


We cooperate with well known Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultants and Fertility Specialists in:

  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Malta
  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Cyprus

and we are constantly expanding our fertility network.

Always there to care. 

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