Our medical tourism facilitator/concierge , Maria Kalagbor , with a background in the paramedical field and long experience in the tourism industry, is a fluent english speaker and she is always friendly and smiley. She will stand by you , for anything you might need in Athens and will organise everything , so that you can have complete peace of mind during your stay . She will be supporting you from your initial enquiry about accomodation in Greece, all the way till you board your return flight home from Athens, after your successfull treatment.

Haris Batzoglou, has been working as an independent estate broker, mainly dealing with properties , in Athens and Myconos. He can find you the flat you want to rent, for your stay. He will give you information, about location, commuting, price. He will provide you with pics and facilitate your choice. Haris has got flats to rent, close to the Units where your medical treatment will take place. He can offer you accommodation options, both in all inclusive budget services or high end services. Maria , can also  arrange special deals  for you, if you prefer to  stay at a hotel and combine your treatment with holidays.

Maria  , will also ensure that your  driver will wait for you at the airport in case you desire. She will be one phone call away, in case you have a complaint or a query. She can arrange for you an excursion to a close destination, a cruise to the Athenian Riviera beaches, a tourist guide and an interpreter. She can even recommend restaurants and taverns, which you can visit during your stay, give you advice for shopping areas, provide you with important tips and important phone numbers, that can make your stay in Athens easy and enjoyable.

At the same time, if you are maybe planning to buy your dream house in Athens or Mykonos, Haris  can show you lots of budget or extravaganza options for you. This way your travel to Greece for your medical treatment , can also be combined with a possible viewing, as long as you have informed him in advance.

All you have to do is give Haris a call, when you know your travel dates and tell him what you will need. Leave the rest on him.

Virtual Consultation

Pelargos IVF established for you a virtual consultation service.With our virtual consultation service , distance is not a problem anymore. You do not need to live in Athens to seek information about our fertility services and ask for medical advice. Even If you live in London, Belgium, UAE, Australia or anywhere else in the world , the only thing you need to do is contact us. We will try to simulate to the maximum degree your online consultation with a visit to our clinic

Initial consultation for fertility/egg donation /surrogacy issues lasts one hour. Follow up consultations are for free and last up to 30 min. Favourably both female and male partner need to be present. Note, that Virtual consultation cannot replace physical examination and has only a consultation value.

Give us a call on 00302107779802 to book a skype consultation with Mr. Karpouzis or one of his medical partners or fill in the form below, mentioning the service you are interested in and briefly describing your issue , and we’ ll immediately get back to you.

Always there to care.

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