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Pelargos means “stork” in Greek.
In Greece as in so many different cultures around the world, the stork is the foremost symbol of the arrival of a newborn. Storks are often portrayed carrying a little cloth bundle in their beaks just before delivering a baby to its new home

The long-beaked bird has been long associated with babies in various mythologies and folklore stories around the world. Storks always return to the same nest 9 months after their migration to the south, which also played a role in linking these birds to the concepts of birth and family. In ancient Greece, the stork was revered alongside Hera, the goddess of marriage, motherhood, and fertility.

Whereas in folklore storks are symbols of positive change and bearers of good news of new life, the reality of conception and birth for many people around the world strikes a deep chord.

For many subfertile couples, a constant battle with their own selves is required to maintain happiness, determination, dedication and peace of mind, in order to finally achieve their family goal. It is not easy at all. Both financially and psychologically.

This is where Pelargos IVF medical Team comes in.

We are here to help you make the right decision, to stand by you 24/7 – from the beginning of this journey to the birth of your child and the fulfilment of your dream.
We make sure that you don’t have any unnecessary expenses, while supporting you together with a group of medics and paramedics in different fields.
Whether you stay in Greece or trust us with this journey while abroad, you will have a complete peace of mind. Our concierge services in Athens are there to arrange anything you need during your stay, leaving you the time and space to stay completely dedicated to your goal.

We demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and always treat you with decency and respect. We value the human connection with our clients. We make your experience with us memorable because the journey itself matters as much as reaching your final destination.
Pelargos IVF has been created to become your Greek stork – there to make your family dream come true. We work together to bring your precious baby at your doorstep, turning subfertility into a fairy tale with a happy end.

Have a nice flight with us, to the best destination in the world – family.

Harry Karpouzis MD MRCOG


Pelargos IVF is a unique medical group of specialists that provides women in Greece and abroad with top-quality medical services at the best hospitals and fertility centres in Greece.
The team specializes in subfertility and mainly in the IVF, as well as recurrent implantation failures, resistant PCOs and stage 3-4 endometriosis. Our specialty fields also include egg donation and surrogacy.
We offer online or face-to-face-consultations. The medical team carries out IVF treatments in state-of-the-art embryology laboratories
Pelargos IVF manages the search and matching with a suitable donor through our collaborating IVF centres. In surrogacy cases, we offer legal consultation and assistance.
We perform gynaecological minimal access surgery, low or high-risk pregnancy monitoring and pregnancy follow-up at the best, safest and most luxurious private maternity hospital in Athens.

Lead Consultant Dr Karpouzis is an acclaimed obstetrician and gynaecologist. He has received his training in the UK and specializes in assisted conception and minimal access surgery. Dr Karpouzis is MRCOG and BFS (British Fertility Society) accredited, with extensive experience in the field.

A group of medical experts constitutes the Pelargos team, which aims to provide bespoke and all-inclusive service for women interested in IVF, egg donation, surrogacy or gynaecological endoscopic surgery/obstetrics in Greece.

The Pelargos IVF team consists of a haematologist, an endocrinologist, a urologist, a psychologist, a collaborating acupuncturist, a personal trainer and a yoga and shiatsu practitioner – all based in Athens – along with a clinical dietician based in London.
Our patients and their family members can also access high-end services of a dermatologist and a renowned dentist, previously based in London for many years and specializing in aesthetic dentistry and facial treatments (fillers, Botox etc).

Completing our team we have acclaimed gynaecologists and fertility specialists in the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Qatar and UAE, a dedicated legal team familiar with egg donation and surrogacy legislation, interpreters on demand, our medical tourism concierge team and of course our patients coordinator.
Selected ultrasound and blood test clinics in the UK and other countries are also there to help you with anything you may require. Additionally, we work with pharmacists in Greece who can send you necessary medication to your home.

Our medical and paramedical staff is academically renowned, highly experienced and Western-trained.
We work together, offering online or face to face consultations and innovative treatments in Greece in order to achieve top success rates in IVF and egg donation cycles and safeguard patient’s care.
We aim to offer holistic care to every woman or couple visiting Athens for treatment, starting with an initial consultation in cooperation with Elixir Concierge Members Club, managing the patients’ medical and miscellaneous travel needs.

Our goal is to successfully handle even the most complex cases, to the patient’s full satisfaction.

Always there to care.

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Always there to care.

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