Surrogacy in Greece offers lots of advantages. If you choose to have a surrogacy treatment in Greece, a court trial will take place before the embryo transfer, followed by a court decision either granting or not the right to do the treatment.
This offers a complete peace of mind for all parties involved. According to Greek law, the name of the future parent/s are written on the birth certificate, straight after the delivery.

At Pelargos IVF, we aim to make the whole experience easy and smooth. A dedicated legal team takes on all legal matters, while a concierge/estate agent can arrange your stay and find you great accommodation.
An in-depth initial skype consultation with Dr Karpouzis together with follow-up consultations is meant to give answers to all your queries. Honesty and integrity is paramount for us. Before you make a decision to have treatment with Pelargos IVF, we would like to ensure that every possible scenario has been analysed and assessed.
Our success rates are excellent and our key aim is to help you realize your dream of having a family.



Who needs a surrogate?

• Women with no uterus (surgically removed, congenital abnormalities)
• Severe Asherman’s syndrome
• Uterus that has been operated on due to multi-fibroids
• Failed IVF attempts due to health issues of the uterus
• Patients with cancer history
• Severe medical conditions that cannot tolerate a pregnancy (e.g. pulmonary hypertension, chronic renal failure)

Advantages of Surrogacy in Greece

• A recent change in Greek legislation means that perspective parent/s from abroad have surrogacy done in Greece as long as the surrogate mother or the couple have a permanent or temporary address in Greece.
• Cost effective: surrogacy in Greece is not the least expensive in the world , but costs much less than in the US. If you want to have your surrogacy treatment in the EU, with all the advantages this offers, the Greek surrogate programmes are really competitive.
• Married, unmarried couple and single women can use the surrogacy option
• Future parents’ names go on the birth certificate, immediately after the delivery.
• Future parents can leave with their baby, after a 2-3 weeks of minimum stay, following the delivery, depending on their country of origin. Please note that the newborn will not be receiving a Greek passport. Therefore, parents will need to obtain a temporary travel document for the baby, which can be done through consulate services.
• Emotional and physical well-being of all surrogates is screened. Psychiatric evaluation is obligatory.
• Our surrogates are healthy and young. They undergo medical screening and have had a full term pregnancy before. Our surrogates don’t have a criminal record.
• Dependable Greek legislation. Future parents are fully protected by an official court decision before the embryo transfer.
• The parents need to attend a court hearing on a set date, otherwise they need to have representation at the hearing. The parents need to travel to Greece only twice – that’s if they are not permanent residents in Greece, but the surrogate is. The first trip is to attend the hearing and the second to take the baby home.
• Surrogacy in Greece is altruistic, but future parents reimburse the surrogate for legal expenses, medical procedures, expenses related to daily personal needs caused by pregnancy, lost income and physical distress.

What can Pelargos do for you?

• Pelargos IVF offers and initial consultation and provides with all necessary information about the procedure. There is usually an extra 2-3 months waiting time until the date of the hearing. In some cases, the wait takes longer.
• Pelargos will recommend experienced solicitors in the field, who can take over the legal part.
• Initial thorough consultation through Skype/Zoom is offered, in which we explain the process in detail.
• Possibility of a face-to-face meeting with a Greek fertility specialist abroad or in Greece, which can take place after you book your treatment.
• Personalized care and supervision by lead consultant Dr Karpouzis, who performs the IVF procedure. Dr Karpouzis is a UK-trained fertility specialist, with extensive experience in the field. You can keep in touch with Dr Karpouzis via e-mail, phone, Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom. 24/7 emergency services are available.
• IVF procedures take place at the best fertility centres in Athens or Crete; the surrogate’s pregnancy is overseen by senior experienced obstetrician; the delivery takes place in some of the biggest private maternity hospitals.
• Our concierge arranges everything during your stay in Athens, according your needs and budget. You don’t need to worry about anything else.


If you are interested in learning more about surrogacy in Greece, contact us to book an initial consultation via Skype or Zoom.

Always there to care.

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