Dimitrios Bitsanis

Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist

Dr.  Dimitrios Bitsanis, an accomplished, qualified and certified Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist, has:

Many years of professional experience as a researcher and academic in universities, hospitals and laboratories in the UK, Cyprus and Greece

Specialized in Biochemistry & Human Nutrition in Clinical Medicine, Biomedical Science, Food Science and some other fields 

He has successfully applied extensive and diversified experimental techniques for innovative developments and has published several papers and articles in prestigious scientific journals

Been Awarded a “work experience”  scholarship,  by  the Mother & Child Foundation in London, UK in 1995.

Dr Bitsanis,  holds diplomas with distinction i) in Child Nutrition  ii) in Sports & Exercise Nutrition from the Shaw Academy of the United Kingdom, as well as iii) in Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine from the Metabolic Academy-E.I.  Nu.m of Italy.

He has : 

 Trained in immunomodulatory nutritional protocol,  for women with elevated natural killer cells and recurrent miscarriages

Participated in the program “Healthy Nutrition in Pregnancy”,

His scientific work at IBCHN (Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition), London, United Kingdom, under the patronage of the world-renowned Professor M.A.  Crawford, and his publications in prestigious journals worldwide, have contributed to the promotion of maternal health.

 The IBCHN Nutrition center is one of the pioneers in research on “Maternal Nutrition and Pregnancy Outcome”.


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