Mind and Body Program

Mind and Body Program post

Mind and Body Program

Mind and Body Program

We are proud to announce a new cooperation, with Dusha Radosavljevic, who is a senior midwife and Yoga teacher. She will be contributing with her long experience and deep knowledge, as well as her
specialization in the field, in improving and completing our personalised holistic fertility and IVF approach.
We can now present you her Body – Mind Program for enhancing fertility and improving IVF success, which can be used as an adjuvant to our treatments. In a well known study that was published in 2011 in Fertility and sterility magazine, women that had IVF treatments, using at the same time mind & body techniques like Yoga improved grossly their success rates in comparison to women that did not.
We also know very well that stress negatively affects reproductive outcomes in IVF cycles and YOGA can be used as an adjuvant to reduce stress and improve the pregnancy rates. The body mind program of Dusha for enhancing fertility can work through its breathing and meditation, as well as lifestyles techniques and coping skills lessons, towards :

• Restoring the balance in the whole body, with an emphasis on the endocrine and reproductive system
• Increase the overall health and wellbeing
• Relax the body- mind
• Reduce the mental and emotional stress
• Help to find ways to deal with depression, stress and anxiety
• Reduce negative thinking
• Control the weight
• Detect negative thinking and transform it into positive

We strongly believe that this program will be ideal for women that wish to:

• Bring the body and mind in balance and prepare for the process of IVF
• Support their IVF treatments
• Prepare for pregnancy on physical , mental , emotional and energy level
• Deal with their stress and anxieties.

A harmonious inner and outer environment , is always conducive to fertility, conception and pregnancy.
Let us know if interested in combining your IVF treatment with us with Body – Mind Program sessions and we shall be happy to put you in touch with Dusha, who is also a member of the European Lifestyle Medicin Organization and European Fertility Society.
She will arrange your sessions and support you throughout your treatment, always in coordination of course with our doctors.
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