Personal trainer services/yoga meditation services/Pilates services/barre a terre services

Personal trainer services/yoga meditation services/Pilates services/barre a terre services

Women who suffer from infertility can benefit from mild exercising. Intense exercising on the other hand, could have a negative impact and has been associated in many studies, with deterioration, rather than improvement of the fertility rates.

Therefore, mild to moderate exercising in order to stay fit and control your weight can be beneficial. It can also reduce stress, which has been shown to improve fertility rates. In addition, it keeps the body fit in order to adjust easier to the pregnancy related changes. Exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, can offer significant aid to a woman who favors a normal delivery. When subfertile, mild to moderate aerobic training, yoga classes, Pilates classes and bare a terre, contribute to a general feeling of wellness, which can be relaxing and stress relieving.

During an IVF cycle, going to the gym is not usually recommended. During stimulation of the ovaries, they increase in size. Intense exercises, can possibly increase the risk of ovarian torsion and usually we advise against. After the embryo transfer and till the day of the pregnancy test exercise, would be better to be avoided. There are no randomized studies showing significant decrease in pregnancy rates, but there are studies, which have shown minimum negative impact.

There are women for whom gym is an everyday routine. Women like these find it difficult to spend this stressful period of their lives without it. It helps them to control their stress and consequently controlling anxiety levels is important for IVF success. For these women mild yoga like Hatha or restorative Yoga and meditation techniques can help, as long as they are performed by teachers who are experienced. Intense exercising though can only have negative results.

For women based in Athens, who suffer from infertility, and would like to control their weight and for women that exercising plays an important role in their lives, as well as for those who want to try out mild yoga and meditation techniques during their cycles, Pelargo’s co-operating personal trainers can take over always in consultation with the doctors.

For couples who stay in Greece for a long period of time after delivery of the surrogate, whilst they wait for the paperwork to be processed, any sort of stress relieving activity can offer significant help. Personal training can also be offered to the partners of women undergoing IVF in Athens, during their stay in the city.

Pregnancy and exercising is a different issue. Not all exercises are ideal during pregnancy. Stretching cannot be too intense, exercises which require the pregnant woman lying on her back for a long time, have to be avoided, exercising which causes dehydration and exhaustion is a negative factor and of course any sort of exercising that increases risk of injury, is a definite NO in pregnancy.

On the other hand mild aerobic exercising and special Pilates or yoga classes for pregnant women, can help control weight, strengthen pelvic floor muscles and relieve back pains. At the same time stress is relieved.

Our collaborating personal trainers and yoga practitioners, have experience in working with pregnant women, always work under consultation by our doctors and offer their valuable aid to women who want to go ahead with exercising during their stay in Athens, at nice and clean  environments. Special sessions for pregnant women or personal training sessions, can be organized on demand. Contact us for references.

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