Surrogacy in Greece offers lots of advantages. First of all and more important of all, in case you chose to have a surrogacy treatment in Greece , a court trial before the embryo transfer takes place and an official decision offers complete peace of mind to the couple after the delivery of their baby. According to the Greek law the couple are legal parents of the newborn and their names are put on the bιrth certificate.

At Pelargos we decided to do the whole procedure easier for you.There is a dedicated legal team which takes over everything for you, a concierge/estate agent who can facilitate your stay and find you accomodation , a thorough initial skype consultation by Mr.Karpouzis and follow up consultations in order to answer all your queries. Honesty and integrity is paramount for us , so before you make your mind to have treatment with pelargos IVF, we want to ensure that every single scenario has been analyzed . Our success rates are excellent and our dream is to help you fullfill your dream of having a family.

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Who needs a surrogate?

• Women with no uterus (surgically removed, congenital abnormalities)

• Severe Aaherman’s syndrome

• Multi-fibroid operated uterus

• Failed IVF attempts due to uterus factor

• Cancer History Patients

• Severe medical conditions that cannot tolerate a pregnancy (e.g. pulmonary hypertension, chronic renal failure)

Advantages of Surrogacy in Greece

• Recent change in Greek Law allows couples from abroad to do surrogacy in Greece as far as the surrogate mother has a permanent address in Greece.

• Cost effectiveness.Surrogacy in Greece is not the least expensive in Europe , but costs much less than the US

• Addresses to married/unmarried couples and single women and men

• Future parent’s names go to the birth certificate.

• Future parents can leave with baby after a 2 weeks minimum stay.

• Emotional and physical well being of all surrogates is screened. Psychiatric evaluation is obligatory

• Healthy, young, screened for medical conditions, never convicted of a crime and having experienced a full term pregnancy before, surrogates.

• Solid Greek law. Future parents are safe and fully covered by Court decision before the embryo transfer.

• There is a specific court hearing date on which future parents need to appear. This means that future parents need to travel only twice. One for the hearing and one to pick up the child.

• Surrogacy in Greece is altruistic, but future parents re-imburse the surrogate for legal expenses, medical procedures, expenses related to the daily personal needs for pregnancy, compensation for lost income and biological stress.

What can Pelargos do for you

• Pelargos informs you about surrogacy and takes over the procedure. There is usually an extra 2-3 months waiting till the date of the hearing, but may be longer.

• Pelargos Group of experienced solicitors in the field can take over the legal part.

• Initial thorough Consultation through Skype is offered where everything is explained.

• Possibility of face to face meeting with Greek Fertility Specialist abroad or in Greece ,after finding the surrogate and deciding to go ahead. • One to one personalized care and contact with lead consultant Mr. Karpouzis who performs the IVF procedure. Mr.Karpouzis is U.K trained Fertility Specialist with long experience in the field.Contact can happen via emails, phone calls and Skype. 24/7 emergency services.

• IVF procedures take place in the best Fertility Centres in Athens or Crete, pregnancy of surrogate is followed up by senior experienced obstetrician and delivery takes place in the biggest private maternity Hospital in Athens.

• Concierge arranges everything for you during your stay in Athens depending on your wishes and budget. You do not need to worry about anything else.


If you are interested in learning more about surrogacy in Greece, contact us to book an initial thorough Skype consultation.

Always there to care.

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