Legal team

Our dedicated legal team, has long experience in surrogacy treatments.If desired by you, they can take over the surrogacy court hearing , which needs to be done before the embryo transfer. You can book a Skype or preferably a face-to-face consultation with them, to discuss in detail, everything you want to know about the legal part of the procedure and the legislation in Greece. You will meet them, to sign off all the relevant documents, before the surrogate’s embryo transfer.

Also, in cooperation with our estate broker , they  can deal with any sort of resident permits with acquisitions of properties in Greece, for non-EU members. In case you want to combine your stay for medical reasons in Greece, with a consultation with them regarding a residence permit in Greece, by buying your dream house, do feel free to do it. Holder of a residence permit in Greece, has advantage of permanently staying in the country if he/she  wishes to, for the whole duration of the permit. Also, you can freely travel to other Schengen countries, without a visa and have access to medical and educational service in Greece, just like any other Greek citizen.

If you are a non-EU businessman, that would benefit from travelling free to all Schengen countries and if you want to do this, by buying a property in our lovely country, you can have a detailed consultation with our legal team , at the time of your IVF treatments.

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