Institute of Life fertility Center

Institute of Life Fertility Specialists Center

Institute of Life, one of the largest and most advanced Assisted Reproduction Centres in Europe, has been created within “Iaso”, the top Obstetrics & Gynecology clinic in Greece. Most advanced technology is used, applying innovative treatments and techniques, as well as the highest operational standards, to provide certainty to the couples that have their IVF treatment there. Combining, the state-of-the-art embryological laboratory, the most sophisticated embryo monitoring systems, with the excellent scientific staff, the Institute of Life – IASO, is able to provide the best in modern medicine in this field, success rates.

By using the RI Witness system, the most useful, sophisticated and necessary Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) management system in the field of biomedical technology, safeguards, monitors and records ,every step of the process, providing the necessary confidence to couples.

In order to monitor in real time the smooth operation of incubators and other important machines the Log & Guard logging and control system is used in the embryology and cryopreservation laboratory. It is a machine connected to the laboratory’s central office, which records and monitors all laboratory conditions 24/7. System monitoring can be done by responsible embryologists, even when they are not in the laboratory area, with the help of any computer or mobile phone connected to the internet.

IOL is the first fertility center in Greece, which was accredited a certification by the Independent international Body of Certification Temos, for quality of its facilities, services and human resources. This is the only international certification system, which focuses on International Patient administration and Medical Tourism. Cooperation with Embryo tools and lead world embryologists Dr Gloria Calderon and Dr Nuno Borges guarantees top quality of embryological services.

IOLife is now using time -lapse technology for all IVF cycles and is introducing Artificial Intelligence in the lab , as well as non invasive PGT-A and even more genetics for impantation window and immunological assays

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