Filip Koidis

Specialised Nutritionist and Dietician

Mr Filip Koidis is a specialised clinical nutritionist and dietitian with 10 years of experience in the field of nutritional sciences.

Mr Koidis is actively involved in scientific research through the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey in the UK. He is a registered dietitian with the British Dietetic Association with an RD status. He is a member of the Nutrition Society, as well as the Royal Society of Medicine.

His cosmopolitan clinic in central London, known under the brand name ‘W1 NUTRITIONIST’ attracts clientele from around the globe. They seek his consult for a healthier lifestyle, disease prevention and fertility enhancement. Mr Koidis has been involved in a number of health projects, from the creation and design of specialised supplements to cross-collaborations with London’s leading medical clinics. He has also worked on creating health retreats.

Mr Koidis speaks both English and Greek. He offers consultations at his private W1 Nutrition clinic in London for London-based patients. Pelargos IVF patients based in Greece or Europe can consult with Mr Koidis via an online call.

Mr Koidis has pioneered an innovative virtual nutrition coaching mobile application, which could be of great advantage for our patients.

Obese or low BMI patients of Pelargos, who are based in London, usually the W1 Nutrition clinic services prior to their travel to Greece for IVF.

We have worked with Mr Koidis on many occasions, setting weight loss and weight gain targets for our patients, always achieving great results.

Patients with chronic endometriosis pain and PCO’s can benefit from a tailored diet plan. Speciial nutrition plans are created by Mr Koidis for male infertility (sperm abnormalities) patients and women in preparation for IVF.

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