“1st Stop” Fertility Zante Clinic

“1st Stop” Fertility Zante Clinic

“1st stop Fertility Clinic” in Zante.
In cooperation with Ms Carrer ,a well known private obstetrician and Gynecologist in Zante ,Pelargos IVF offers now  a “first stop fertility Clinic” in the island.
Ms Carrer, a member of the Pelargos IVF Medical team and our recommended partner  in Zante , can provide to permanent residents or temporary visitors who want to combine their holidays with a subfertility appointment , the baseline initial subfertility investigations needed.
Also an online virtual conference consultation  by Mr Karpouzis , Scientific Director of Pelargos IVF, based in Athens and Ms Carrer can be aranged for them.
This way couples based in Zante can have :
1.Initial baseline  investigations locally, organized by Ms Carrer, like a basic pelvic ultrasound with Antricle Follicular Count ,a hormonal profile and an AMH test.
2.Virtual conference consultation by Mr Karpouzis Scientific Director of Pelargos IVF and Ms Carrer.
3.Personalised top quality IVF treatment by Pelargos IVF team ,at the best IVF centers in Athens
4.Subsequent pregnancy’s follow up in Zante by Ms. Carrer for permanent residents of the island.

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