Pelargos IVF and Dr Karpouzis are proud to now announce the launch of an Aesthetic Gynaecology Department, located at our main office in Kolonaki in central Athens.
In association with Aurum Wellness, based in the same office, we now use the innovative laser – MonaLisa Touch.

Having being trained by Proffessor Stefano Salvatore in Milan and Mr Pader in London, Dr Karpouzis and his team consult and treat women with gynaecological medical issues or would like to have aesthetic treatments in the vaginal, anal and vulvar area.



Which are the indications for the use of vaginal rejuvenation laser?

– Mild stress incontinence
– Mild prolapse
– Dyspareunia after vaginal birth or in menopause or after oncological treatments.
– Vaginal laxity with reduction in sexual sensation
– Increased size of labia minora
– Loss of orgasm sensation
– Desire to whiten the vulvar or anal area
– Papillomas

Which aesthetic treatments can we provide ?

In combination with injectables, hyaluronic , PRP or/ and special mesotherapy or without these, we are now able to provide :
– Anal or Vulvar Bleaching
– Vaginal rejuvenation
– Labial Augmentation
– Labial Reduction
– Cauterisation of papillomas
– O shots or G shots

Is anaesthesia required?

Above mentioned therapies have imminent recovery and a very mild degree of discomfort/ pain. These treatments are minimally invasive and can be performed on an outpatient basis, without the need of general anaesthesia or sedation.
Only local anaesthetic creams are applied for some of the above treatments before the procedure, especially the ones that have to do with cauterization of vulvar lesions like papillomas or lichen sclerosis or anal/vulvar bleaching.

Is 1 session enough?

Mona Lisa laser is the most contemporary laser with satisfaction rates more than 85% for most of the treatments. Usually 2 sessions, 6 weeks apart are enough, for anal and vulvar bleaching.
Three sessions are usually enough for vaginal rejuvenation treatments for vaginal laxity, incontinence and prolapse. Rarely a 4th one is needed. These sessions take place in 6 weeks intervals. Results are maintained usually for 18 months. In 12 – 18 months, another session is recommended for maintenance.

Are there any side effects ?

The most important thing is the laser to be applied on correct indication. We have noticed nowadays, use of the machine from dermatologists and other specialties that cannot properly evaluate the indication.
It is very important to have a proper clinical evaluation of the degree of prolapse and incontinence, as well as the degree of laxity or atrophy. This way it can be determined if the laser can offer indicative treatment, compared to other conservative treatments or even surgical treatments.
When the laser is used for the correct indication, satisfaction rates are excellent and side effects and complications very rare.
Oedema and swelling of the area, can be seen after the procedure. Pain is a common side effect, which is usually treated with anti-inflammatories and analgesics. Infection, especially in labial reduction treatments or vulvar lesions cauterization, can also be a side effect, but we can also see that on vaginal treatments too. Antibiotic treatment is usually enough.
Rarely we may have bladder injury. This is a very rare but a serious complication, which needs to be identified early and treated accordingly.

Is sex allowed after laser vaginal treatments ?

Sexual intercourse, tampons use or swimming in a pool/sea/bath is not allowed for 6- 7 days after a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, so that we can minimize the risk of infection and accelerate the healing process.

Can vaginal pessaries be used before the procedure?

No. If there is suspicion of vaginitis or cervicitis, then treatment is first indicated. Last vaginal pessary or wash needs to be inserted , no more than 5 days before the procedure , as the vagina needs to be completely dry at the time of the procedure.
Patients who choose Pelargos IVF for their IVF treatment enjoy better offers and prices for aesthetic gynaecology treatments. So do their family members and friends.
If you are interested in going ahead with one of the above treatments, for you or someone you might know, do not hesitate to contact us on +30210-7779802 or fill in the form below and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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